Thursday, 28 February 2013

Stopping for breath

The price of having to do half a day's worth of my "day job" (something boring and technical in financial services) and having to go to the dentist (even though I haven't lived in Hove since 2000, my dentist is still here!) meant that, since arriving at 2.30pm, I've had to:

  • Set up the laptop
  • Check I can access the wi-fi (everyone can - it's free for guests!)
  • Track down a paper copy of the cider list (thanks Jackie!)
  • Find out I can have a soft copy of the cider list after all (thanks again Jackie, and John!)
  • Update the cider list with missing ciders
  • Spend over an hour pinning up the QR code posters (next year, I'm asking for it to go on the programme cover!)
  • Sprinkle some flyers around (thanks to Jo and the other bar staff who helped out)
  • Run around getting details of the beers that didn't make the cut (only two so far) or aren't yet ready (thanks to Mark for covering the Sussex Bar)
  • Run around again - once the cellarmen (Byron and Kim) had done their 5pm check - to get the beers that really aren't ready
  • Update the 'live' beer list (and changes page) -
  • Try and upload the photos (thanks Helen)
  • Find out the photos are too blurred to use
  • Respond to some tweets
Now, things have calmed down a bit and I'm stuck in a quiet corner of the staff room (aka kitchen) whilst the lights (on a motion sensor) have gone out...

Where the magic happens:

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