Saturday, 2 March 2013

A slow start to Saturday (for me, anyway)

I've not made it out of the kitchen yet, having raced round with my helper (thanks Helen!) to record which beers didn't survive the final hour of Friday evening.

As the kitchen doubles up as a staff room, where volunteers can sign in (there's a health and safety one-pager we all have to read and sign), store their coats, change into their festival logo t-shirts and pick up their staff glass, I get to hear where any resource crunches are.  For instance, within 30 minutes of opening time we had a rush in the Sussex Bar, followed slightly later on Bar C (the first bar people entering the Main Hall encounter).  We've also got a few volunteers ducking out early to get across Brighton for the Albion match at home to Huddersfield, however its also quite possible a corresponding proportion of customers will do the same, thus offsetting any staff shortages we'd otherwise have. 

My next task is to do another sweep of the bars to check what's sold out in the past 90 minutes or so, then update the live lists, before almost certainly stepping behind a bar to help cover lunch breaks.

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