Saturday, 2 March 2013

Painting the Forth Bridge

I've had to abandon my plans to do one final sweep of the beers remaining for the final hour of the festival (we close at 10pm on the Sat night to give the staff a chance to put their feet up with a beer or two)... it's like painting the Forth Rail Bridge, as just as soon as I've swept one bar, another beer behind me will have gone!  It's been taking at least 30 minutes to cover the four ale bars, plus additional delays caused by needing to weave between ever more unsteady punters!

The cellar team (Kim, Rudolph, Byron and Steve upstairs, Paul and Paul downstairs) have assured me that we won't run out of beer this evening, but obviously customers aren't necessarily going to get their first choice (unless they really, really like milds - I'm lucky, I do!).

For next year, I'll need to look into whether there's a better way to do this - if I can design the necessary pages to be updateable from an iPad, for instance, then at least I can do updates on the hoof rather than have to scurry back to my corner of the kitchen!  Alternatively we may be able to set something low-tech up with the bar managers, however that won't provide for the scenario we had this lunchtime where we had too few volunteers.

Anyway, I'd be very interested in any feedback on how useful the live beer list updates were?  Did anyone use the full list, or was the Beer Changes page better?  Is there anything else people would like to see, and how well did it fit on a smartphone screen?

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