Friday, 1 March 2013

Number crunching

I'd love to stay and chat, I really would, but...

The last 30 mins of Friday night can be a wee bit challenging for the bar staff, so it's pretty much all hands to the pump(s)!  In the past 45 minutes, I've run around again annoying our excellent cellar team of Kim, Rudolph and Byron (Main Hall) and Paul and Paul (Sussex Bar), finding out that 4 beers are still playing hard to get in terms of condition and no less than 43 are sold out (with a few either way possibly temporarily taken off sale to ensure we have sufficient quantity for the SIBA beer tasting session tomorrow where a handful of hand-picked beers are being judged for national competition.

The upshot of this is that, by 10pm (more than halfway through the five sessions) we had around ONE-HUNDRED-AND-SEVENTY-FIVE different beers to choose from.  That's not bad by any measure!

Now, off to pour some beer I go...

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